M. Lebek

Dr. Ing. Martin Lebek

Geschäftsführer REMONDIS Aqua Industrie GmbH & Co. KG, Hannover, Deutschland

Lecture Title: Waste water as a source for phosphorus recycling - The REMONDIS TetraPhos® process


Scarcity and pollution of natural phosphorus resources force us to develop industrial processes to bring phosphorus back in the value chain of circular economy. One of the most important waste streams where phosphorus today is lost is the waste water from municipal waste water treatment plants (WWTP). As a specialist in recycling of worth material out of waste, REMONDIS developed the first full scale process to recycle this phosphorus resource. Beside the binding obligation of WWTP operators in Germany to recycle phosphorus from 2029 on, the process development must consider, that any recycling process must lead to a marketable product.

These aspects are combined in the TetraPhos® process and the unique and first full scale plant realised in Hamburg by REMONDIS and the city of Hamburg.